Use the elastic gun to shoot a target above the carraige. This will open up the carraige to reveal the card it holds. You get 2 shots and the goal is to get the carraige with the winning card.

Western Games

Train Heist

Ring The Bull

Get 5 chances to try and ring the bull. The goal is to get the ring to catch on the hook at the bulls nose.


Use the rope grommets to lasso the animals on the table. The goal is to lasso the animal that holds the winning card.

Horseshoe Toss

Use the horseshoes and throw them at the cactus. The goal to land atleast one horseshoe around the bottom of the cactus.

Salloon Stand Off

Optional Extra

Use the elastic gun to shoot 2 bottles down.

The goal is to guess which 2 bottles will drop the cowboy down.

(life sized game)